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Hydrocarbon Cleaners

Daphne Alpha Cleaner Series

Degreaser is an essential process in the manufacturing and assembling of industrial products. As the disuse of fluoro-enhane is just around the corner, the degreasing process requires technique that is more advanced than those available today.

IDEMITSU, as a leading manufacturer of lubricants, has in addition to the developmenet of lubricants and greases, put in mucheffort in developing degreaser as well as the answer to the demands of the era.

Requirements of Cleaner

Cleaning Power
Must be able to degrease effectively
Must not cause degeneration, deterioration or corrosion to the parts cleaned
Must be friendly to the working environment
Must not degenerate or deterirate easily
Controllability & Cleanliness
Separation of dirt from cleaner must be easy
Waste Processing
Waste must not cause secondary pollution
Must have low runningcost

Daphe Hydrocarbon Cleaner Series

Products Characteristics
Daphne Alpha Cleaner L High cleaning power, low irritation and low odour general purpose degreaser
Daphne Alpha Cleaner M Almost odourless, safe and easy to use general purpose degreaser
Daphne Alpha Cleaner H Almost odourless, high flash point, safe and easy to usegeneral purpose degreaser
Daphne Cleaner NM/NH Clean all typers of metals including rubber and plastic parts

Daphne Water-Soluble Cleaner Series

Daphne W Cleaner QC High degreasing power. Degreaser for hit and quench parts
Daphne W Cleaner AL Non-corrosive to non-ferrous metals, especially aluminium. Degreaser for non-ferrous parts
Daphne W Cleaner RH General purpose rust preventive cleaner for steel and non-ferrous metals
Daphne W Cleaner RM Recommended non-ferrous metal after heat treatment

Daphne Water-Soluble Cleaner Series

Daphne Hydrocarbon Cleaner Series

Daphne Alpha Cleaner Series


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