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Press Working Oil


IDEMITSU has developed a range of Press Working Oils to suit various typers of press drawings & punching processes. Beside the processes, they are also catered for different types of materials ranging from copper to stainless steel which arehard-to-punch materials.

Refer to the following description for the two ranges of press working oils that IDEMITSU offers:

DAPHNE PRESS DRAW SERIES is a range of chlorine-free, press working oils specially formulated for press working processes. The Daphne Press Draw S series are superior in preventing galling, rupture and has excellent properties of easy removability. This series offers a wide range of viscosity grades to suit different severities of press working processes.

DAPHNE PUNCH OIL SERIES has excellent properties such as high-speed drying, superior anti-wear and anti-rust perfomance. These properties contribute to high productivity, longer tool life and storage teem, Daphne New Punch Oil is specially formulated with synthetic base oil which is odourless, therefore it creates a more pleasant working environment.

  • Chlorine-free formulation
  • Self-drying
  • Non-ferrous metal-friendly
  • Excellent tool life
  • Prevents cracks and scuffing
  • Improves working environment
  • Excellent rust preventive properties

Processes Product Type Applications
Punching Daphne New Punch Oil For punching sillicon steel plates and thin steel plate
Daphne Punch Oil SU-P2

Daphne Super Blanking SR 80
For thin stainless steel plate & fine blanking
Daphne Punch Oil AF-2A / AF-2C / AF-2AS / AF-2Z / AF-3AS / AF-3A / AF3C / AF-4A / AF-8A / AF-8F For punching of aluminium fins
Press Drawing Daphne Press Draw 35S / 45S / 55S / 75S / 115S For press drawing and punching of stainless steel plate
Daphne Press Draw 72A / 90A

Daphne Dyna Draw FS-K3 / FS-ZD2 / FS-T2
For heavy punching and deep drawing of copper and aluminium alloys
Daphne Press Cut up 35 / 55 /155 For press drawing and punching of stainless steel plate. For heavy punching and deep drawing of copper and aluminium alloys.
Drawing Daphne Master Draw ND 10/ 30 / 50

Daphne Master Draw 565 NR / 510 LS / 566 LS / 533 WD

Daphne Master Draw 2594
For press drawing & tube drawings, punching and draing od non-ferrous metals, such as copper, copper alloys, aliminium and aluminium alloys
Daphne Soluble SA-K Wate-soluble drawing oil. For drawing of steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium alloys


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