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Rust Preventive Oil


IDEMITSU has developed a range of rust preventive oils to protect metalds against rust and corrosion, contributing to coat saving for the industry. These series are fully catered for a wide range od applications that ranges from genral purpose rust prevention to long term storage and export parts, like K.D parts, screws, springs, rollers. etc.

  • Excellent rust prevention despite low viscosity
  • Excellent anti-staining property
  • Improves operating environment due to low visccosity
  • Ease of degreasing
  • Economical due to low oil consumption
Products Type of Metals Duration
Daphne Oil Coat RL55 Steel plates, toolings and other metals parts Short-Term and Mid-Term Protection
Daphne Super Coat NR General rust preventive purpose for all types of metal products
Daphne Super Coat WR General rust preventive purpose for all types of metal products like bilts, nuts, steel plated, steel pipes & machine toolings Water Displacement Properties
Daphne Super Coat TW General rust preventive purpose for all tyes of metal products during shipment
Long-Time and Export
For protection period, please contact our sales executive.

Daphne Super Coat WR

Daphne Super Coat TW

Daphne Super Coat NR

Daphne Oil Coat RL55

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