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Heat Treatment Oil

Daphne Quench HVDescription

Idemitsu offers a diverse product range, which provides a longer service life and consistent quenching characteristics. DAPHNE COLD QUENCH SERIES of quenching oil are formulated with special additives to enhance cooling performance and brightness to the parts. DAPHNE SEMI-HOT & HOT QUENCH SERIES of quenching oils are formulated with special additives to minimise distortion and enhacing the cooling performance and brightness to the parts.

  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent water and sludge separation
  • Superior cooling properties
  • Lnduces maximum hardness
  • Uniform hardening of steels
Quenching Type Product Type Applications
Cold Quench Daphne Master Quench A

Daphne Bright Quench M

Daphne Quench HV
  • Bolts
  • Chain
  • Carbon tool steel parts
  • Carburising parts
  • Forged steel parts, etc
Semi-Hot Quench Daphne Hi-Temp Oil L

Daphne Hi-Temp Oil X
  • Differential pinion gears, steering gears, etc
  • Carburising bearings-taper roller bearings
  • Queching of thin parts
  • Increasing the core hardness of thick carburising steel
Hot Quench Daphne Hi-Temp Oil A

Daphne Hi-Temp Oil B

Daphne Hi-Temp Oil AM
  • Carbon or low alloy steel parts
  • Bearing steel parts
  • Structural steel parts of small and medium size
Water-Soluble Quench Daphne Plastic Quench IH
  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Cast Iron (Gear parts)
Daphne Plastic Quench FQ
  • Forging / Quenching
  • Connecting rods / Knuckle spindle
  • Knuckle Arm

Cold Quench

Semi-Hot Quench

Hot Quench

Water Soluble Quench

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