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Neat Cutting Oil


Daphne Magplus Series is formulated with highly refined base oil with additives like sulphurized Extreme Pressure  agent, Anti-foaming agent, Anti-mist agent and Anti-rust agent. It is specially cater for various machining processes eg. turning, milling, drilling, boring etc. It provides superior cutting performance and at the same time extend the tool life. A special anti-seizure additive is added in AM20H & AM20C to give additional protection to fixed guide bushed in auto lathe machines.

  • Chlorine-free formulation
  • Excellent tool life
  • Excellent cutting performance providing continous high quality finish and accuracy
  • Excellent protection for rotary-fixed guide bushes
  • Long oil services life due to its stable highly refined base oil and addition of oxidation inhibitors

Products Description
Daphne Magplus AM 20 Series* A series of cutting oil specially formulated with anti-seizure burning additives to protect guide bushes in the auto lathe machine. With the chlorine-free formulation, it eliminated disposal, hazardous and environmental issues faced when using chlorinated type of cutting oil. It is also suitable for CNC machining centers and low speed cutting operation like threading tapping and reaming.
Daphne Magplus AM 30 A low mist neat cutting oil specially formulated to improve the working environment and excel in the cutting perfomance even for high temperature cutting operations. Recommended for most cutting process such as auto-lathe work, turning, milling, threading and gear cutting. Suitable for non-ferrous metals like copper and brass.
Daphne Magplus DH 10A A neat cutting oil formulated with various additives like stress releaser and anti-mist agents for deep hole drilling.cutting of the hard-to-shape carbon steels and alloys steels
Daphne Magplus HV 15S It is specially formulatedwith highly refined mineral base stock together with varioes additives like molybdenum and extreme pressure additives for gear hobbing,shaping and broaching.
Daphne Magplus MP 10 / 20 / 30** A range of neat cutting oil for automated cutting operations in auto lathesand CNC machining centers and as well as low speed cutting operations like threading, tapping and reaming. Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Daphne Magplus SLA 10 / 20 / 30** A range of specially formulated neat cutting oil to provide superior cutting perfomance and at the same time extend the tooling service life. Suitable for auto lathes and CNC machining centers and matel-like carbon steels, high tensile steel and non-ferrous metals.
Daphne Magplus TH 10 A neat cutting oil specially formulated with stress releaser and special non-halogen extreme pressure agent to enhance the shearing resistance of the oil and provide cushing characteristic between the cutting tool and the work piece, thus achieving higher cutting performance
Daphne Magplus TR 10 A neat cutting oil which exceeds the performance of traditional chlorine type of tapping oil. Special oilness and anti-mist agents have been added to greatly reduce the tool wear and mist respectively.

Daphne Magplus TR 10

Daphne Magplus TH 10

Daphne Magplus SLA 10,20,30

Daphne Magplus MP 10 / 20 / 30

Daphne Magplus HV 15S

Daphne Magplus DH 10A

Daphne Magplus AM 30

Daphne Magplus AM 20 Series

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